Welcome to FisioVital

The philosophy of FISIOVITAL can be summed up in one word: HEALTH. The main premise is the well-being of the customer. We have worked hard for more than 13 years collaborating together with professionals in seeking to address the patient’s problem in the most accurate manner.

As shown by our experience, we establish a formal, but close, relationship towards our patients, giving them the best support possible in difficult health situations and disorders. Our team always weighs the possible treatments in each case and advises the patient on the beneficial effects and possible side effects of the interventions or techniques available. In this way, we make sure that the decision made is based on the best possible overview.

Come and meet us!

Director’s introduction

I have been a physiotherapist for more than 13 years and I am lucky to enjoy what I do. I see the body as a whole in which every body part is interrelated and, therefore, I treat injuries focusing on such assumption. The key is to be effective in your treatments as well as feeling very much at home. To that end, we keep learning and training ourselves every day.

  • Degree in Physiotherapy – University Foundation of Bages (Barcelona).

  • Specialist in physical treatment of edema, specific bandages and pressotherapy.

  • Specialist in medical manual lymphatic drainage.

  • Specialist in sports injuries recovery.

  • Various courses: Neuromuscular Bandage (Kinesiotaping), Dry Puncture, Articular Health, Manual therapy instrumented in deep myofascial pain.

María Jesús Ramírez Moreira

Physical therapist (Registration Nº 308)
Directora de Fisiovital